Clients come first in everything we do We’re organized around each client relationship.
Client needs, expectations and strategy provide the context for every project we carry out together.
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About Us

Clients come first in everything we do

About Us

Thanh Nguyen Co.,Ltd has exposure to design and construction on a global
scale. Partnering with design and sustainability experts worldwide, we insist
on maintaining international standards for all our projects. At its best, design
enriches people’s daily lives, strengthens the fabric of a community, generates
opportunities for businesses and economies, and nurtures the local and global
natural environment. Our team’s commitment to research and discussion, in
synthesis with cutting-edge techniques and technologies, keeps us at the
forefront of innovation. Our projects are carefully tailored to the demands and
opportunities that each particular client, community, and ecology presents.
We have undergone constantly growth over a period of more than 10 years,
and today we are the leader in sustainable construction. Our 200 employees
enable our customers to benefit each day from this conception of our business.

The aim we all share is to shape a better life.

We use design to enrich people’s lives and help
organizations succeed.